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Dunnage bags

ECPs Inflatable Dunnage bags are the logical answer to eliminate load shifting within Container, truck, rail or sea freight break bulk cargo shipments. We have available bags with either Fast fill = valves or the standard International valve used on ships.

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Dunnage air bags are the most economical way to stabilise, secure and protect cargo and are suitable for all modes of transportation.

ECPs Inflatable Dunnage bags are the logical answer to eliminate your shipping damage and their associated expenses. Dunnage bags have an outstanding stabilizing capacity, withstanding tons of pressure and resistance to load shifting. These highly effective dunnage bags are constructed with an outer of high strength kraft paper/poly woven composite. In all cases the inner liner is made of five layers of co-extruded polyethylene film for added protection against loss of air pressure.

What is a Dunnage Bag?
A dunnage air bag is a poly bladder surrounded by numerous plys of high strength paper or poly-woven material, equipped with an inflation valve to allow the bag to be inflated or deflated. The dunnage air bag is inflatable and used to immobilize cargo and for securing your load, it minimizes front-to-back load shifting in containers, railcars and break bulk cargo holds.

Our Dunnage bags are widely used in many different industries ranging from low weight and/or highly fragile products like wine glasses, up to very heavy items like jumbo paper rolls or bulk bags shipments of powdered & frozen products, fruit/vegetables etc.

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